Help Save Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are made up of dead matter and waste these fossil fuels takes millions of years to be made. Fossil fuels are what keep houses heated, keeps cars running and lets you cook, many fossil fuels are coal, natural gas and oil. As you might know them as nonrenewable resources. Everyday we are getting rid of these faster then they are being made.


I have gathered Information from about dangers of fossil fuels. One of the dangers is the oil pipes that are under the water could explode and all the oil comes out and pollutes the ocean. The oil effects all the animals and the food chain and that means we might not have as much food to eat. Another danger is coal mining, in order to get coal we need to mine it. Mining coal is dangerous, the tunnel or whatever you are working in could collapse. Last but not least natural gas is dangerous to humans, because if we breath this in without knowing we could die. To prevent this if you smell gas and the stove isn’t on get out of the place and call 911.


If we stop using so much fossil fuels not only help the world but it will help us in the future. By cutting down on fossil fuels we won’t pollute the air, water ways, animals. This will help us later because if we cut down then we won’t run out of fossil fuels and they will be able to last longer. Then we will be able to come up with a solution to use natural stuff found in nature. So will you help and cut down on fossil fuels? You can start right now!





There once was a man named sam

he was always got in jams

he never got out of them

because he got stuck in fans

We just did a limerick yesterday and at first I didn’t really get them, but that’s the point of limericks. Limericks aren’t supposed to make sense(most of the time), they are supposed to be crazy and funny. As we started to do them I got the hang of it. Other people made stuff about our class being so loud and some people in our class being annoying. I didn’t thinks limericks would be that fun but they are a fun.

Helping Climate Change

On Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 PM, everybody will turn off all electricity for a hour. But to help this climate change, instead of just turning their lights off for a hour, you could do that once a week, every other day or everyday. Also you could unplug everything possible in your house, because electricity still runs to things even though its off when it’s plugged in. One other thing to help is to turn lights off when you’re not using it! It’s a waster of money and electricity and is probably a cause for the climate change.


Alps Markus Bollingmo via Compfight

In South Russia there lays a 1 thousand foot mountain.  A human being has never dared to climb this slippery, sharp rocky mountain. Until 2 friends named, David and Luis, David didn’t want to to this but Luis pressured him to. When they both got there David was scared and didn’t want to do it but then again Luis pressured him into doing it.  So they were finally set up and ready to climb but then, they both argued about who would go first. They finally stopped arguing and started climbing but, when they were almost there they realized they had forgot ropes, how were they going to get down?

Comment what they will do to get down!


Choice Board

                                                                                    Choice Board

                                                                                          Corey C.

  1. “A friend of ours has a problem,”  he said, he has a voice like a megaphone.

       Purpose: He talks really loud.


     2. He had arms skinny as pencils.

          Purpose: His arms are really skinny

     3. He was smiling wider than I’d ever seen him smile, and his broken teeth stuck out like straws.

Purpose: His teeth stuck out really far.

All About Me

     All About Me


Hi, my name is Corey and I am 11 years old. I live in Ashburn,VA and go to ERMS middle school as a sixth grade student. I have sister and one brother. I play on a travel soccer team called, FCV Virginia and I also play on a travel Baseball team called the, Loudoun Aces. My favorite foods are Pizza, Mac and Cheese and spaghetti. My favorite sports teams are the Washington Nationals, Seattle Seahawks and for soccer I like D.C. United. My favorite subjects are Science, History and  I have to pretend to like English. Last but not least my favorite brands are Under Armour and Nike. That concludes my all about me.☺


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